Вентилатор 80x80x20mm NB-BlacksilentFan XC1 - 1700rpm

Вентилатор 80x80x20mm NB-BlacksilentFan XC1 - 1700rpm

That a quiet and reliable brandname fan doesn't have to cost much has been proven by us for years with the Blacksilent series. The ideal compromise between noise levels and power and the low price have made the Blacksilent fans the best-selling silent fans on the market!
Инвентарен номер: DKD-590
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Upon frequent customer requests we now offer the XC1 in the format 80x80x20mm. Of course these fans also use the superior (((NB))) technology. Absolute top-notch quality - developed in Germany In detail: Original (((Noiseblocker))) quality: Extremely quiet, reliable and fail-safe Long-term silent operation: Speed perfectly suited for silent PCs which allow silent operation over a long lifespan Maximum safety: Almost inaudible and extremely long-lived NB-Longlife bearings and a high-grade NB-EKA motor result in an unbeaten failure rate of only 0,01%! Affordable and cool: The (((Noiseblocker))) BlackSilent series is one of the most affordable and reliable fan series on the market. The fans were developed in Germany and feature an outstandingly low noise emission as well as great reliability. Unlike with many cheap far-east made fans the noise level remains at it's low level for years. The reason is the choice of material and precise manufacturing methods. Unlike 95% of the so-called ''fan manufacturers'' (((Noiseblocker))) develops all fans in-house and uses only high-grade parts even in the ''cheaper'' series. The Blacksilent fans were designed to be more simple but just as reliable as the more pricey fan series. Unlike many competitors we do not give unrealistic technical data. We leave the choice to the customer if claims such as ''400.000hrs MTBF'' are realistic. Just by the way: 400.000 hours are more than 45 years.... With the Rev. 3 of the BlackSilent fan series you purchase a quality product which is optimized for low noise emissions. The fans are available in the sizes 40, 60, 80, 92 and 120mm. Of each size two versions are available: The 1-series is virtually inaudible and suitable for standard systems. The 2-series has very low noise emission an is powerful enough even for very potent systems. The bearing is our specially designed Longlife floating bearing. The rate of failure was further reduced to 0,01% (before 0,15% of 100.000 units). The MTBF was improved with the Rev. 3 to real 80.000hrs Technical details XC1: Dimensions : 80x80x20mm Weight : 60g Nominal voltage : 12-13,2 V Starting voltage : <7 Volt Power consumption : 1,44W Power draw : 0,12A (max) Nominal speed : 1700 (+/- 10%) Dielectric strength : 5 mA (max) Pressure : 0,860 mm-H2O Airflow : 35,7 m3/h / 21 CFM Noise level: <18 dB/A MTBF (25°C) : 50 000 hrs. Connector : 3 Pin Molex with rpm lead

Допълнителна информация

Допълнителна информация

Производител Noiseblocker
Инвентарен Номер DKD-590
Цвят -
Гаранция 24 месеца
Размер и Вид Не
Тегло 0.1000
Видео Не


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