Охладител за процесор AXP-140 - LGA775

Охладител за процесор AXP-140 - LGA775

Socket 775
Socket 1366(Optional)
Инвентарен номер: DKD-580
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Features * Low profile CPU cooler with down draft style of air cooling makes it perfect for HTPC; Heatsink total height is 70.2 mm. * Down draft air flow helps to cool CPU surroundings such as MOSFET and North Bridge chipset producing a general reduction in temperature inside your computer case. * Large surface area for cooling (140mm x 140mm) with option to install a 120mm fan or a 140mm silent fan, balancing noise and performance to suit your preference. * Six nickel-plated heatpipes to reduce oxidation effect, maintaining top performance for long term usage. * Features an all copper base and soldering technology that has each heatsink fins soldered to the heatpipes for a definite contact in producing high efficiency rate of heat transfer. Technical Spec # Dimension: L145 x W147 x H70.2 mm # Weight:550g (Heatsink only) # Heat pipes: Six heat pipes with Nickel plated # Heat sink base : copper # Recommended fan: 120*120*25mm or 140*140*25mm fan Compatibility: CPU Compatibilit : Support Intel Socket 775 motherboard / Socket 1366 (optional) Case Compatibility : For any case that has at least 110mm of height clearance, you can choose to install AXP-140. 80% of HTPC cases in current market are within the compatible range. Only under special circumstances where the case manufacturers incorporate ventilation system would hinders AXP-140 from being installed properly.

Допълнителна информация

Допълнителна информация

Производител Thermalright
Инвентарен Номер DKD-580
Цвят -
Гаранция 12 месеца
Размер и Вид Охладители за процесори
Тегло 0.1000
Видео Не


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