Блутут високоговорител за кола Sony Ericsson HCB-100, за всички мобилни устройства с блутут 2.0 и нагоре

Блутут високоговорител за кола Sony Ericsson HCB-100
Съвместим с всички модели GSM апарати с bluetooth
Инвентарен номер: HCB-100
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Отлично качество и надеждност. На сенника на колата или на бюрото, правете и отказвайте разговори лесно и се наслаждавайте на качество на звука със заглушаване на шума и намаляване на ехото. До 15 часа време за разговори. * Bluetooth технология 1.2 * Филтриране на шум от вятър или двигател * Зарядно устройство за кола * Съвместим с всички модели GSM апарати с bluetooth Handling calls in the car needn't jeopardise your safety in traffic. With a HCB100 you can keep your eyes on the road ahead yet still take, make and reject calls. The HCB-100 doesn't need any installation – with the sturdy clip you can easily attach it to or remove it from the sun visor of any vehicle you're in, making it a truly portable handsfree solution. It's equally simple to use the HCB-100 - it connects automatically to your mobile phone wirelessly and the Colour ID feature can handle five different handset connections. Easily distinguishable buttons allow you to handle calls without losing your focus on the traffic. Tested for the demanding audio environment in your car, the HCB-100 has clear digital sound and extremely high performance – up to 15 hours talk time and 25 days standby before you need to recharge. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) with digital noise cancellation and echo reduction ensures you can be heard loud and clear. The compact size allows you to detach it and take it with you after getting out of the car. It can also serve as a convenient desk phone for a telephone meeting in your office or at home. Using Bluetooth version 1.2, the HCB-100 is compatible with Bluetooth phones from Sony Ericsson and other brands, allowing multiple connections to the HCB-100 inside or outside the car. • Safety make and receive calls while on the move. • No installation needed - simply clips onto a sun visor. • Superb sound quality with DSP, noise cancellation, and echo reduction. • Compact and light design - perfectly portable. • Compatible with all Bluetooth handsets. HCB-100 Compatibility W850i, W710i, Z710i, Z610i, W950i, P990i, Z550i, V630i, K800i, K610i, W300i, M600i, W700i, K510i, Z530i, W810i, W900i, W550i, Z520i, W800i, K608i, K600i, V600i, K750i, D750i, Z800i, V800, S700i, P910i, K700i, Z1010, T630, Z600 and Bluetooth enabled phones from other manufacturers.

Допълнителна информация

Допълнителна информация

Производител Sony-Ericsson
Инвентарен Номер HCB-100
Цвят Черен
Гаранция 6 месеца
Тегло 0.1000
Видео Не


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